Aarako Kocra

Aarako Kocra is a young Aarakocra boy who lives in Ulatos, Payit, Maztica, Toril. Aarako Kocra was a tad, misunderstood one when he was a child. He wasn’t selfish, but he never fully understood on what it meant to be kind, until one day, Aara was on a mission for the Martial Arts Kids. She was doing fine, until the villainous Atrocia attacked her! Seeing his sister wounded, Aarako fought back! After Atrocia surrendered, he took Aara back to the home of the Martial Arts Kids. On the way over, he came to realization that not only his sister who needed backup, but he also finally what he met to be kind. Helping the people he cares about, be it sister or friend, he so decided to join his sister in the Martial Arts Kids. Together, the Kocra twins protect the world.

He likes to draw.

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