Aarav Kashmir (Hindi: आरव कश्मीर, tr.: Aarav Kashmeer), also known as "Shrinkage" (Hindi: संकोचन, tr.: Sankochan) is a 14-year-old Indian/Tamil boy who lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Despite being bullied as a child, he kept a smile on his face, because he helped others like himself. One day, he was taking a walk when he saw two small children (6-year-old Christian Hathaway and Max Hathaway, or the Hathaway twins) held hostage by a man who goes by the name Striker. Knowing that those children would need help, Aarav gathered all his courage and defeated Striker. The children thanked him for saving them. A sensei noticed his courage and told him about the Martial Arts Kids. After hearing about them, he decided to join them. Now, he helps protect the world and those in need.

He has a dark brown, shaggy hair with a gray hair dye on his bangs that is pulled back to reveal a skinny, bright face. He has brown eyes with gray glasses that are set high within their sockets to watch loyally over the tribes they've come to love for so long.

Fair skin gracefully compliments his cheekbones and leaves a pleasant memory of his fortunate upbringing.

He's also a true hunter against criminals. He stands ordinary among others, despite his tough frame.

There's something intriguing about him, perhaps it's his unusual alliances or perhaps it's simply his sense of comradery. Therefore, people tend to hit it off with him, while secretly liking him.

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