Adela furlong by kittycathryn239 ddlg24b

Adela Furlong is a young, independent, and strong werewolf from Roseburg, Oregon, United States. She can be a little short-minded, but she knows what she's doing most of the time. She too is a Martial Arts Kid member.

She was born a werewolf. Her father was a werewolf while her mother was a human. Despite this, she is proud of her werewolf heritage. She uses this to her advantage. She is super strong, has incredible hearing and super fast. One day, Adela came face-to-face with Killer Beast. After the battle, Adela decided that she wanted to be a hero so she can use her wolf powers for good. And so, she became a member of the Martial Arts Kids. Now she does not only protects the world, but she also continues to embrace her werewolf heritage

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