Elesbaan alazar feleke by kittycathryn239 ddmx7jc

Elesbaan Alazar Feleke (Amharic: ኢሊባን አላዛር ፈለቀ) is an Ethiopian Martial Arts Kid who lives in Addis Ababa, Ethopia. His family once lived in poverty before becoming a Martial Arts Kid.

Dark brown, oily hair with red hair dye on his bangs almost fully covers a full, charming face. Beady brown eyes, set lightly within their sockets, watch wearily over the mines they've come to appreciate for so long.

He's also a true hero among Ethiopians. He stands tall among criminals and evildoers, despite his subtle frame.

There's something incomprehensible about him, perhaps it's his sense of honor or perhaps it's simply his sensitivity. But nonetheless, people tend to try to get him to marry their off-spring, while training with him whenever he's available.

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