Felizitas Bergmann is the brother of Laura Bergmann and a member of the Martial Arts Kids. Also, he is of a mixed Abenaki and German descent.

He has a brown, short hair that's pulled back to reveal a full, anguished face. Narrow brown eyes, set elegantly within their sockets, watch loyally over the families of criminals they've bled for for so long.

A tattoo of a small dragon is subtly placed on the side of his left cheekbone leaves a beautiful memory of forbidden adventures.

He's also a true stargazer among both the Abenaki tribe and the German-Americans, especially giant Martial Arts Kids. He stands tall above others, despite his slim frame.

There's something regular about him, perhaps it's his warmth or perhaps it's simply his sense of honor. Therefore, people tend to welcome him, while hoping their sons will grow up to be like him to be Martial Arts Kids.

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