Jenny Mudaito

Jennifer Anne "Jenny" Halima Mudaito (or JAHM for short) (Amharic: ጄኒፈር አኒ “ጄኒ” ሀሊማ ሙዲቶ, tr.: Jēnīferi Ānī “Jēnī” Hālīma Mudīto) is the main female protagonist of Martial Arts Kids and the leader of the Martial Arts Kids team. She is part of the Afar, a Cushitic ethnic group that inhabits the Horn of Africa. She is from Semera, Ethiopia. She enjoys helping everyone and hanging out with them to become Martial Arts Kids.

She's also a friend and partner of their fellow co-leader from Mars, Giselle Griffin.

To make her life better, she now lives in Cairo, Egypt.


  • Jenny is the descendant of the Afar leader Data Kadafo, head of the Mudayto clan, who once seized power and established the Mudayto dynasty.
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