Ligaya Panganiban

Ligaya Amihan Fitzgerald Panganiban is the sister of Marikit Panganiban and a member of the Martial Arts Kids, and is of a mixed Abenaki, American, Canadian, French, Quebecois and Filipino descent. She's also the cousin of Junie Readyhough and Julie MacDonald.

She's also from the Philippines and is a Filipina too. She is very understanding that she has never been so misunderstood when she helps everyone. She's also the daughter of Luningning Panganiban and Joseph Fitzgrald.

She may look sweet, but she is actually the one of the toughest people ever to be in the Martial Arts Kids. She discovered this amazing gift at a young age on a crisp, amihan morning in Boracay, when she came face to face with Sad Clown and Atrocia, they were creating chaos on the streets of Malay, Aklan. Knowing that she needed to help the civilians, Ligaya gathered her strength and courage and took out both villains at once. After the epic battle, the citizens cheered. Ligaya also came to the realization that the world and its people needed help, so she became a member of the Martial Arts Kids, and now she uses her strength for the sake of the greater good.

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