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Hello, there and welcome to the Martial Arts Kids Wiki. This wiki is dedicated to my new and upcoming action-adventure comedy series of the same name. Hooray?

It tells the story of a group of children from all over the world being forced to become meat shields and child soldiers (dressed up in half-professional boxer, half-mixed martial artist-like outfits) using martial arts, aura-based powers, and superpowers, and destroying the forces of evil and fighting crime that disturbs the peace of the multiverse , thus becoming superhero wannabes, hence the name. Also, I'm sure it'll be like from Karate Kid, Rocky and Raging Bull meets Codename Kids Next Door, Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles, X-Men, Power Rangers, ThunderCats, and the Avengers.

Remember: no need for some combat sport-related stuff (like tournaments, matches, fight cards and all of these related stuff that related to competitive stuff out there), because my new series will only be about crimefighting (which is 100% focused on).

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