Prince Wednesday

Prince Wednesday is a boisterous young prince who made his first appearance in the episode "Daniel's Birthday." The best friend of Daniel Tiger, Wednesday is always ready to have fun. His father and mother are King Friday and Queen Sarah Saturday. He has a cousin around the same age named Chrissie.

His voice will now be Lee Cartain at the end of Season 4.

In Martial Arts Kids, he’d always put others first. When he first became a Martial Arts Kid, he helped his teammates when Atrocia attacked the city. After Prince Wednesday took her out, his teammates were impressed with his bravery. They were also happy to have him on their team. As the first 3 months went by, he not only grew stronger, he was happy to apart of the team.

Soon, he becomes friends with Jacob Two-Two.


Prince Wednesday likes to show off magic tricks as well as entertain, impress, and make his friends laugh with jokes and other tricks. He does all of this with his trademark mischievous smile.

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