Strawberry Muffins is a female school-age alicorn pony (or an alicorn filly) from Ponyville, Equestria. She is also the first quadrupedal Martial Arts Kid member, along with her family, just because of the Quadrupedal Martia Arts Kids Act is enacted by the International Defense Corps. Other than being also a martial artist, she's also a very caring individual pony who loves making muffins for her friends, especially strawberry ones. She was born and raised in a caring, loving family. She knows the difference between right and wrong. Just like any other sweetheart, when ever she saw something wrong, she would help out those in need. By the time she turned 10, Strawberry Muffins decided that she wanteds to be a hero, so she asked her friend Twilight Sparkle to tell stories about the Martial Arts Kids. Interested and amazed at the awesome stuff they do, Strawberry Muffins decided to become a member. Now she protects the world, despite her quadrupedalism like the other ponies.


  • Strawberry Muffins doesn't wear a normal bra underneath a sports bra, because she's an animal, and ponies like her doesn't have human-like breasts.
  • Despite Strawberry Muffins being born as an alicorn, she's only born to a unicorn mother and a pegasus father, and her family is not part of the royalty at all.
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